Got Questions? We've Got Answers... (FAQ)



Who are you?

We make beautiful and stylish fabric window blinds and shades for you.

OK.  So why you?

Because we've streamlined the process and passed the savings to you.  From the weaving to the assembling and testing, it's all done at our factory in South Korea.  We ship your blinds directly from our factory to your door.

Why South Korea?

South Korea is renowned for the quality and workmanship of fabrics, and we take great pride in delivering high quality and long lasting window shades for less.



If the products are coming from South Korea, will there be charges on top of what I'm paying?

Of course not!  Our pricing is all-inclusive, and all the brokerage and shipping fees are included in the flat-rate shipping charge.  The only thing you're responsible for is the Use-Tax in your state, like any internet merchant.

Will the shipping be expensive?

We've made a deal with our courier to air-freight the window shades to you.  We charge a flat-rate for shipping (plus a rural surcharge where applicable) which is shown in the cart checkout, but typically it's UDS$50 to most places in the United States.



It sure is coming from a long way.  How long will it take?

The typical timeframe, from the time an order is placed, to a product arriving at your door, will be about 2 weeks.  This will be dependent on a number of factors, such as fabric availability and your location.  If it will take longer than anticipated, we will hold the order and wait for your OK before we proceed, or you can cancel the order if you just can't wait that long.  But trust us, it's worth the wait.

Wouldn't the chance of the product being damaged be high, travelling that long a distance?

Nope.  We've tested and tested our packaging and shipping methods.  Our boxes are padded and re-inforced from all sides, to make sure the window shades arrive safe and sound.



But the product did arrive damaged...

Hey, stuff occasionally happens.  But no worries.  E-Mail us a photo, and we'll rush to get you a replacement.

What I got wasn't what I ordered.

We're humans too.  Email us, and we'll make it right.  Our promise.

Uh Oh, I messed up the measurements...

Relax.  We know you're a human too.  Let us know what went wrong, and we'll work something out.  Your satisfaction is our priority.

Have more questions?  No worries.  Get in touch with us.